Research & Development

Oranoxis™ actively pursues rapid and accurate solutions for the detection of target molecules in the human body and environment, in order to aid in disease diagnosis, drugs of abuse testing, therapeutic drug monitoring, food safety, and environmental pollutant detection. Our broader goal is to help develop simple and convenient screening devices for human disease diagnosis to facilitate disease prevention and encourage regular testing, and for food safety and environmental pollutant monitoring to detect contaminants and pollutants that may have a larger impact on populations as a whole. Our R&D team is currently invested in developing new products for biomedical applications. Please see the following descriptions for more detailed information about our current projects.

Rapid Human Disease Diagnosis

Rapid diagnostic testing for human disease is crucial for effective disease management and control, and can aid in making clinical decisions. For many diseases, early diagnosis is the key to a successful treatment and prevention of disease progression. In particular, rapid diagnostic testing can play a significant role for infectious diseases as it can act as a preventative measure for disease transmission. The availability of a rapid, convenient, and cost effective device for the preliminary testing of human diseases has the ability to impact the lives of many people.

Rapid Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Current medical practice determines therapeutic drug dosages based on body surface area, which is calculated by a patient's height and weight. This conventional method of therapeutic drug dosing unfortunately overlooks the inherent pharmacokinetic variation among individuals and is often the cause of the appearance of toxic side effects, due to overdosing, or a decrease in drug efficacy, due to underdosing. With a point-of-care, rapid therapeutic drug monitoring device, physicians will be able to determine a more personalized treatment plan for each patient while monitoring the safety of more toxic therapeutic drugs.

Rapid Environmental Pollutant Monitoring

Environmental pollutants can have an adverse effect on human health by contaminating air, water, or soil. Environmental pollutants include harmful artificial substances, such as pesticides, and naturally occurring toxins. A rapid environmental pollutant monitoring device can help determine the presence of contaminants in the environment and aid in the control of such pollutants.

Rapid Food Safety Monitoring

Food safety has become a growing concern due to the use of antibiotics, naturally occurring toxins, and other harmful contaminants in food and animal feed. Ingesting contaminated food can often have adverse effects and may cause certain illnesses. A rapid food safety monitoring device can enhance the chances of discovering contaminated foods, and prevent ingestion of such foods.