Sterilized Assay Reagents

Oranoxis™ manufactures sterilized assay reagents for your assay development and production needs. Please see the following product listing for available assay reagents. For pricing information and inquiries about specific reagents, please contact us or email us at

Catalog Number Product Name
S-B-001 Borax Buffer Solution
S-BB-001 BSA-Borax Buffer Solution
S-BM-001 BSA-MES Buffer Solution
S-BP-001 BSA-PBS Buffer Solution
S-BT-001 BSA-Tris-HCl Solution
S-GS-001 Colloidal Gold Solution
S-M-001 MES Buffer Solution
S-PB-001 PBS Buffer Solution
S-PP-001 Potassium Phosphate Buffer Solution
S-SC-001 Sodium Citrate Solution
S-T-001 Tris-HCl Buffer Solution