Oral Fluid Drug Screening



ToxReader Features Overview

A system built around the design of the ToxWipe™-Oral, the ToxReader is a electronic reader that can aid in result verification and storage. The wireless device is portable, lightweight, and intuitive to use for roadside or workplace testing of drugs of abuse in oral fluid.  


Greater Reliability
The ToxReader eliminates subjectivity and possible misinterpretation for more dependable test results. Each lot of ToxWipe™ devices is accompanied by a QR code for the ToxReader that standardizes the analysis of results.

Even Lower Cut-Offs
By eliminating subjectivity, the ToxReader can read results of much lower cut-offs with accuracy, such as THC 15 ng/mL. No more guess work on faint lines, results will clearly be indicated positive or negative by the reader. 

Result Storage and Management
The results of each test can be stored and printed on the device so that all test records can be kept digitally and on a printed receipt. 

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ToxReader Instruction Manual (English)
ToxReader Commercial Flyer