Oral Fluid Drug Screening


Product Lines


Product Lines

Manufactured by Oranoxis

Whether you choose the Oral-AQ, ToxWipe™, or a custom device, Oranoxis aims to deliver high quality products that are tested and manufactured in our FDA registered and ISO 13485:2016 approved facility in San Diego, California. Our flagship products are also CE marked for quality compliance with European IVD Directive 98/79/EC.

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Oral-AQ Products

  • Results in 5 - 10 minutes

  • Detachable sample retention cup

  • CE marked for quality compliance

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ToxWipe™-Oral Products

  • Results in 3 - 5 minutes

  • Sample sufficiency indicator

  • CE marked for quality compliance

ToxWipe Saliva Collector Set

Saliva Collection Devices

  • Color indicator for sufficient saliva

  • No dilution of saliva


ToxReader and Related Products

  • Portable drug analyser

  • Compatible ToxWipe™-Oral devices


What are the advantages of oral fluid testing when compared to other drug screening methods?

1. Difficult to adulterate sample
Oral fluid is typically collected directly by the test administrator. This "face to face" collection method makes it very difficult for donors to adulterate their saliva sample. 

2. Sample availability
Since saliva is a readily available specimen, obtaining a sufficient amount of oral fluid for testing is usually a simple task. This allows for the possibility of repeated or multiple sample collections. However, other comparable specimens are not as readily available as oral fluid. Urine collection can be difficult when a donor lacks urine accumulation in the bladder, or if a donor is unable to void urine due to health issues. Hair collection can also present a sample sufficiency challenge if a donor lacks hair. 

3. Detects recent drug use
Oral fluid tests detect more recent drug use, when compared to urine or hair tests. Studies have shown that drug concentrations in oral fluid may better reflect free plasma concentrations than other comparable specimens. 

4. Easy and fast sample collection
Oral fluid collection is usually completed in a matter of minutes and does not require any special facilities or equipment. Other comparable specimens may have special handling and waste disposal procedures. In addition, urine collection usually requires a collection supervisor and restroom. 

5. Eliminates concerns about invasion of privacy
Supervised urine collections are often considered an invasion of privacy. Oral fluid testing eliminates the "invasiveness" and gender requirements in staffing involved in urine testing.